MilkySu Indonesia


[Album Configuration]

215mm (width) X 159mm (length) X 15mm (thickness), 320g (Weight)

Digipak specifications, PP material out of the box cover package, containing a total of 40 page of pictorial photos.

Idol choreographers recognized world best genius talented vocalist Xia (JUNSU) of the first solo album

Idol of the best vocalists and dance skills recognized by choreographers from around the world there is no limit to the life of a genius artist Xia for the first truly solo album

As a vocalist with the competency of melody, rhythm and emotion. If they were just as other people all the best skills in this song is divergence causes hearers to give a fantastic feeling. Most of the songs of his own compositions, lyrics, and without regret the life of a singer-songwriter album that demonstrate the dance, R & B, hip-hop ballad, as well as ballads, such as a singleā€¦

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