fashion follows yoochun

– The MC for the day is Boom

– Jaejoong and Junsu wants to look manly with sunglasses and black outfits because Yoochun (had to) wear sunglasses.

– Jaejoong mentioned that this event is Junsu’s idea.

– Junsu said, he do know that the event is free admission but he didn’t expect everything (inside) are free too. This is tough already. He’s joking. ><

Q: Where do you all wish to visit for a holiday?
Junsu: Bora bora
Jaejoong: Japan
Yoochun: Jaejoong’s house

Q: Why does Yoochun wants to go Jaejoong’s house?
Yoochun: Because Jaejoong’s house has a lot of good wines. XD As I saw that Jaejoong hyung doesn’t look happy in his walk-in wardrobe after he drank a lot, I would want to go to his house to accompany him drinking. Till now I have only saw photos of the house but have not visit before. (Yoochun said…

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