(Seoul Drama Awards 2012 Keyword)
2.Park Yuchun

caption: Looks like that person has come

caption: The man who is sorry to be popular, Park Yuchun

At the Seoul Drama Awards 2012, there is [Park Yuchun]

PD: Who did you come to see?
Fans: Park Yuchun!

Fan: I came from China
PD: Your Korean is good, are you really Chinese?
Fan: Yes, I am. I learnt hard because of Park Yuchun.

Regardless of national boundaries and age, fans are gathered solely for the common feature that is ‘Park Yuchun’

PD: How much do you love Park Yuchun?
Fan: Look~ I came dressed just like him, right?
(caption: pride explosion!)
It’s the same outfit as the one he wore in Shanghai Fanmeeting.

Even the passion to match his clothes!

caption: Park Yuchun’s charm
Superior acting
Perfect singing ability
Fan: First, he’s very handsome, nice and is a good actor and singer.

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